Post Placement Policy

JW Signs will make every effort to install/remove the requested sign within 2 business days after receipt of your request. The deadline for receipt is 5:00 PM.

A request received on Friday will be installed/removed by the end of the day on Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days.

Use our website to request your installation/removal/repair of signs to prevent miscommunication.

Include directions to property and City. Accurately tell us Steet, Avenue, Drive, Lane, Court, etc. and North, South, East or West.

Vacant Lots or Land must be marked in advance by Realtor to ensure prompt and accurate placement.

Post installation charge is $29.00 and includes setting and removing the post and panel. We will service the install once (for installation errors, unsatisfactory location of post or weather damage) and store your panels at no charge. 

A $12.00 fee will be charged for additional trips, cutstomer refusal of install, or invalid address/unable to find property.

There is a renewal fee of $14.00 for in-service posts every 6 months.

If post is not found at address for removal we will send e-mail notification that post could not be found. We will return once to pick-up the post after confirmation that post has been found and is available for us to pick up. If post is not recovered in 2 weeks there will be a $45.00 Lost Post charge.

Damage or destruction of post from weather, hit by car, vandalism or theft will also result in a $45.00 Lost Post charge.

Due to neighborhood restrictions, easements, tree roots and buried utilities, there is a possibility the post or sign will not be installed in the most ideal location.